Nylon Mini-Coils

Recommended working length is 85% of the total length.
  • Flexibile
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Temperature Range: -40F to +200F (-40C to +93)
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The tight diameter of our Mini-Coils make them extremely flexible and ideal for use with robotics, instrumentation, small pneumatic tools, control circuits or any other application requiring either constant or intermittent motion. They include a pigtail on each end for easy fitting installation or connection to other devices. A variety of colors are available for coding purposes or to be aesthetically compatible with other equipment. Custom colors, sizes and lengths are available - please consult Customer Service.
Typical Applications
  • Potable Water Feed/Drains
  • Pneumatic or Signal Lines
  • Pick-and-Place Automation
  • Liquid/Air Transfer
Pneumatic Tubing
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