Nycoil manufactures thermoplastic tubing for pneumatic applications. There are three thermoplastic tubing compounds used for the majority of pneumatic lines: Nylon, Polyethylene and Polyurethane. All three offer distinct advantages. Selecting the one that best fits a particular job should be done only after all of the application requirements are carefully considered. For more information on selection, please refer to the Technical Section.

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General Tubing Characteristics
Material Temperature
Working Pressure
(at 68F)
Flexibility Compatible
Polyethylene -100F to +175F
(-73C to +79.5C)
83 PSI - 200 PSI
(5.7 BAR - 13 BAR)
Flexible Push-To-Connect
Hose Barb
Nylon -40F to +200F
(-40C to +93C)
160 PSI - 500 PSI
(11 BAR - 35 BAR)
Least Flexible Push-To-Connect
Hose Barb
Polyurethane -40F to +165F
(-40C to +74C)
125 PSI - 200 PSI
(8.5 BAR - 14 BAR)
Most Flexible Push-To-Connect
Hose Barb
Note: Pressure ratings are also effected by diameter of tubing and wall thickness. Actual performance may vary with different media and working conditions.
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