Blow Guns
Non-Safety Tips
"Non-Safety" Tips do not have a safety by-pass and must be used on air lines that have a regulated maximum pressure of 30 psi in order to comply with the OSHA Standards.
Spray Tip Spray Tip: delivers a fine mist - good for Tip only - Ordering Information spraying plants, fruits and vegetables.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-PR
Tip Only: GTPR
Nickel Plated Brass Non-Safety Tip Nickel Plated Brass Non-Safety Tip: basic tip for blow off applications where a narrow, concentrated stream of air is required.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-B
Tip Only: GTB
Aluminum Aluminum Straight Extension Tips (3" & 6"): good for reaching into crevices and tight spaces. Made from lightweight aluminum for easier use and prevents sparking.
Tip Only: GT03A & GT06A
Rubber Tip Rubber Tip: soft rubber tip with plated brass base will not scratch or mar delicate surfaces.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-R
Tip Only: GTR
3 3" Flex Tip: designed to get into tight areas without marring delicate surfaces, especially where some bending is required.
Vari-Flow Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-Y03
Tip Only: GTY03
Small Diameter 4 Small Diameter 4" Steel Tip: reduced diameter (.19"), bendable tip can reach into places other extensions won't fit into.
Tip Only: GTD04
Blow Guns
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