Safety Tips

Nickel Plated Brass Safety Tip: Multiple holes create a venturi effect, which increases air flow and working capacity.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-S
Tip Only: GTS

Nickel Plated Brass Safety Tip: General purpose tip for blowing away dust, chips, etc.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-BS
Tip Only: GTBS

Air Screen Tip: Nickel plated brass tip provides a conical air stream around the center air stream to minimize dust and chip blowback.
Vari-Flo Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-AS
Tip Only: GTAS

Nickel Plated Steel Straight Extension Tips (3", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18", 24", 30" & 36"): Good for getting into high or hard to reach places. Made from a brass base with a rugged steel extension tube, all nickel plated.
Tip Only: GT03S, GT06S, GT08S, GT10S, GT12S, GT16S, GT18S, GT24S, GT30S & GT36S

Whisper Tip: Nickel plated brass tip produces a high volume of concentrated air and a low noise level.
Vari-Flow Blow Gun (as shown): G1C-WS
Tip Only: GTWS

Aluminum Straight Extension Tip (24"): Made from lightweight aluminum for easier use and to prevent sparking. Can easily be bent or cut to any length.
Tip Only: GT24AS

Aluminum Curved Extension Tips (3" & 6"): Provides high air flow and spark prevention as well as a little more reach into tight spaces that might be inaccessible with straight tips. Also, allows a more comfortable blow-off angle, especially when used with a pistol grip Blow Gun
Tip Only: GTC03AS & GTC06AS (as shown)