Universal Coupler
SERIES 12 UN - 1/4" Body - Automatic Push To Connect - Single Shut-Off

  • Working Temperature: depending on medium
    -4F up to +210F (NBR)
    At a temperature below -4F and above +210F special seals are available.
  • Working Pressure: 150 psi, maximum static working pressure with 4:1 design factor
  • Locking Device: 4 balls
  • Vacuum Service: Not Recommended
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The 1/4" UN Series Coupler will accept the industrial interchange, [(MIL-C-4109F) and (ANSI/(NFPA) T3.20.14- 1990)], 10 Series (Tru-Flate) and the 50 Series (ARO 210) style nipples. The coupler features automatic push-to-connect operation, high flow machined "window valve," corrosion resistant solid brass construction and a sleeve guard which helps prevent accidental disconnects and protects the sleeve from damage.

While the best quick coupling performance is obtained by matching like series couplers and nipples, the universal coupler permits multiple series nipples to mate with one coupler.
Low Pressure Couplers
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