Industrial Interchange
SERIES 1423 KA - 1/4" Body - Automatic Single Shut-Off - NOMINAL PLUG BORE .22"

  • Working Temperature: depending on medium
    -4F up to +210F (NBR)
    -40F up to +250/300F (EPDM)
    +5F up to +400F (FKM)
    At a temperature below -4F and above +176F special seals are available.
  • Working Pressure: 500 psi, maximum static working pressure with 4:1 design factor.
Features Product Details Technical Info

Premium industrial coupler with especially robust 2-component plastic sleeve.
Back Body Steel,
Nickel plated
Valve Body Steel,
QPQ Treated
Sleeve PA6+TPE
Valve Brass
Spring & Locking Ring AISI 301
Locking Balls AISI 420
Seals NBR
PLUG Steel hardened,
Nickel Plated
Low Pressure Couplers
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